When we talk about pokies, different terms are often used interchangeably. If you are a connoisseur, it is not such a problem. If you are not, and you are bivouacing for the first time at, say, an online casino, then you could just choose something that wasn’t meant to be. What are the differences between the different terms such as pokie machine and video pokie? Are there any other terms? Read here about the differences between the different types of pokie machines.

Online or Real Time Pokies

This difference actually speaks for itself. Nevertheless, we will only report it for a moment. The term online means, of course, that the gambling games in question can be played at an online casino. Real time actually means: in real life. So you visit a real casino and you are not active online. However, the differences are not great from a technical point of view. Whereas pokies used to work mechanically, both the online and real-time versions now work with computer software. So even if you are physically behind a pokie machine, you are actually doing exactly the same thing as if you were gambling at an online casino.

Pokies Online

In general, gamblers know exactly what pokies are. They are still known from about 20 to 25 years ago. They were set up at the fryer, the chinese or in the pub. You could throw in a guilder if you were waiting for your noodle goreng. At the moment, online casinos still consider them indispensable. Many online casinos still offer these pokies. Characteristic of the slot machine is the fundamental bottom part and the bonus part which is located at the top of the pokie, as well as the possibility to double your credits with the double/nothing game, or not.

Pokie Games

The pokie machines populated the 80’s, in the 90’s the game pokies were added. These pokies were often given a certain theme. That theme could be from a film, for example Shrek or Batman, but the game pokie could also have a popular boy band as a theme. The difference with the pokie machine is that the play area often only consists of one compartment. This compartment is also used when the bonus module is activated on the pokie. These pokie machines are particularly popular with free spins, which you can use to collect points but which are not deducted from your points total.

Jackpot Pokies

At the moment, the most popular pokie machines on the Internet are those that have a jackpot. This jackpot – often referred to as the progressive jackpot – can be fast and very high because several players are competing for this jackpot, but also have to ‘feed’ it. In some cases, this jackpot can amount to more than AUD 1 million. The downside, however, is that the cost per spin is quite high. Only if you are prepared to gamble a lot of money per spin is it possible to win that huge jackpot.

A Roadmap for Getting Better in Online Gambling

In this article you will read exactly the four steps you can go through each time before you start gambling online. Whether you are gambling on a football match or online roulette. Do you want to get better at online gambling? Check out the step-by-step plan here.

Step 1: Determine the maximum amount of money you would like to spend.

This is the most important step of the roadmap, purely because this step should ensure that you cannot lose more than you would like at most. People with a gambling addiction often miss out on this step, because they often choose to play with money they can’t afford to miss. That is why our advice is to only choose an amount of money that you can really miss and which would not leave you with any negative feelings in the event of a possible loss. If you always keep this thought in mind you will always be able to leave the online casino with a smile.

Step 2: Choose which Game you want to Play

This step is often taken before you decide to gamble, because there are few online gamblers who enter an online casino without thinking. Therefore, choose a game that you know the rules of beforehand. Don’t know the rules yet? Then read a complete game explanation and all the rules before you start playing this game. In this way you will avoid possible ambiguities and you will be sure to minimize the home advantage.

Step 3: Decide how Much you want to Bet per Round

Step 3 is more like step 1 in the online gambling roadmap and is also a step that many gambling addicts do not take into account, namely consistent betting. By choosing a fixed amount to bet each round, you can be sure that you won’t recklessly increase your bet if you lose a round once. In this way it is possible to spend many more hours in an online casino and enjoy the many fun casino games you can play.

Step 4: Choose an Amount You are Satisfied with

Stop at your peak, no one will ever really succeed because you never know when you will be at your peak. Still, it is possible to prevent you from not stopping at your nadir. Because when you win, you can choose to stop. Therefore, when gambling online, set an amount of money in advance where you decide to stop. Did you start with 100 dollars and would you be very happy with a profit of 250 dollars? Do not try to win more than this amount and stop when you have won this amount.